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With the advancement of the internet, online casino had transformed so much that, they can be used for online gambling also. This is because of the benefits and ease of use in online gambling that people use it more than the real gambling. These days even in Malaysia, which is known for its online casino lovers, is changing the trend with these online casino. These online casinos are also introducing almost all the real online gambling games to their online websites. Also, people choose the best and biggest websites for online casino in Malaysia and online casino in Singapore, and scr888 is one of them.

Why Choose SCR888 ?

There are many things that this casino offers you, and others do not, this is the reason for gaining so much popularity among the gamblers. There are many benefits of choosing this online casino over the other casinos, especially the winning rate of the players. The scr888 login provide you best and the most luxurious experience of gambling in Malaysia. This online casino not only provides you with real live dealers of the all your favorite games but also gives you a variety of games from a huge range of traditional casino games. Pulling all the real live gambling to the online platform, scr888 introduces the most demanded fish hunter game.

Tips to Play Fish Hunter

Well, there is a reason to include this game to the online portal. It is the increase in demand and popularity of the game when introduced in the land based casino, and also it attracted the youth to the casinos. This is because this game carries huge excitement, extreme mind challenge, and with such simple concept. Here are some of the instructions for fish hunter:
1. Catch the players: the first step of this game is that you need to fix up the players of this game. Only 6-8 people at a time can play this game, so you need to get your competitors. Each player tries to earn more than their competitors. 2. Start the game: set the money to start the game, with an allowance from all the players. When all the players are ready and set their bet, then you can start the game. 3. Selection of weapon: at this stage, you need to select a weapon to catch the different types of the fishes. There are 3 choices of weapon, every weapon has different attributes, powers and net size. You can also change the weapon in between the game, according to your needs. 4. Make your aim: there are 16 types of fish ; every type of fish have different points and powers. You need to choose a suitable weapon to hold the type of fish. In the end, when you are done with the game you need to hold the play out key, for at least 3 seconds, and then you will get your earning, which depends on your performance in the game.

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