Glorious Rome Slot Review


Glorious Rome is a 5 reel and 20 payline slot game from Topgame software. I believe that each software provider has at least one game that is about ancient Rome, and for Topgame it is this game. I discovered it at ECWON Malaysia Online Slots.

After spending a session with this game I have to say I don’t like it. The design is quite expected, there are lady, warrior, grape and other symbols that first comes to mind when thinking about ancient Rome. I did like the fact that the color scheme was light and the atmosphere was good. The most important thing I didn’t like was the payouts. The paytable was quite low, and the only feature game has is free spins round, but even that was disappointing. It took a really long time to trigger free spins, and for 3 scatters I got only 10 free spins, before them I got a random symbol that would work as a scatter in free spins. But the worst part is that the free spins have no multiplier so I won only 2€, which is exactly 10x bet.
There were few things I did like about this game. Scatters in this game also work as wild symbols, and besides that, there are also wild symbols as lions and they come up very often. The biggest winning I’ve had on this slot was 55x bet size, and it was because of combination of wild symbols with money bags. And money bags isn’t even the highest paying symbol. I also had a few mega winnings that were 30x bet and overall I didn’t lose a dime on this game.
That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this game. The payouts are average and I think it would be really hard to hit a win over 100x bet. The design is pleasing, but overall there’s not much to look forward to when playing this game, because the spins have no multiplier and there is no other bonus round. You can get this game at ECWON Malaysia Online Slots.


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